We welcome all Significant Others to our family. In addition to being welcome at our meetings, you will also have access to a Yahoo group for communicating with others (no, the members cannot visit that group).

 Even if your crossdressing SO is not a member of Carolina Transgender Society, the SO group may be able to help you cope.

 The SO group is peer-to-peer support, much like group therapy. There are no "experts" when it comes to this issue. The more you participate, the more you get out of it.

 Some of the SO's are dealing well with their situation, while others may struggle. The important thing is to be able to discuss your feelings with other SO's, regardless of  what your situation is.

 To join our SO group, please contact our SO Group Leader.

Please do not use this link if you are a crossdresser and want to join Carolina Transgender Society - that's what the "
Infolady" is for.

Video about have a Transgender Family Memeber By Dr Carol Clark